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Day in the Life

May 18, 2016  •  5 Comments

A photography group I'm in was challenged to photograph a whole day in our lives. I've always seen other photographers do it, but I had never done one myself. So the challenge was accepted! As I was culling and editing the photos, I was so thankful I did this because this fall our days will look a little different. It also made me a little sad that I had never done this before. Oh how I wish I had done a DITL when all 3 of my girls were still at home! A lot of emotions come up when I look at these, and even while I was shooting them. 


Some day there won't be little legs sticking out from behind the wall when I walk past the bathroom.



Cup #1


Sophia trying to be a "gamer". 


Off to preschool!



One of the last times I will walk down to the preschool room. I've had a child in preschool for the past 6 years and it will be so strange to not be driving to town every Tuesday and Thursday!


North Dakota traffic jam, stuck going 10mph behind a tractor.


I went up to our farm shop to work on my bathtub restoration project (I can't wait to use it for sessions!!). My husband's planter had a major break down so it was in the shop getting fixed. When it's planting season, this is such a stressful thing to have happen!


Laundry is never ending!

Do they even get any toothpaste in their mouths?!?!


Cup #2


The ladies patiently waiting to be let outside. Chickens are such a funny animal! If you've never had a farm fresh egg before, you are missing out! We eat a lot of eggs around here. A LOT. 

Back to town to pick up Sophia from preschool, then off to Fargo for gymnastics. This is my road to town, you couldn't pay me enough to live in a big city!


These next 3 photos tear at my heart. My baby was on the Acro Micro team this past year and it was so much fun! She LOVED every minute of it and learned so much. She won't be able to continue though, next year our schedules just won't work out to get her there the 2 days a week they have practice. She is heartbroken, I'm heartbroken, and we've had many tears over this decision. It's incredibly hard to tell your child that they can no longer do something they are so passionate about. Yesterday was her last day and I had to do all I could to keep from losing it as we walked out. I will be sad to take the parking pass sticker out of my window. I'm hoping we can find a rec class that works for us and her so she doesn't have to be completely done with gymnastics. 


For those who know Scarlett know that she's very quiet and shy. At home though? She's the total opposite! She's such a goofy cornball, for lack of better words! I hope someday she decides to come out of her shell more.


My husband thinks he's a supermodel, so whenever he sees the camera out he strikes a pose. 


She has become such a reader, and I love it!

Everything has it's place in Scarlett's room.


Daddy's girl.


This girl is too mature for her age and is already messy like a teenager. 9 years has gone by too fast!


I love the way the light is hitting her curls. I hope she never loses them!


I love that these photos tell a story! So much meaning!
Laura Beth(non-registered)
Oh my goodness I loved this - your photos captured the day perfectly!! And totally agree with living out in the country, I don't think I could handle having neighbors haha
This was so fantastic to see. I love seeing a day in a life of other work at home professionals. The photos are gorgeous and have a calm mood to them.
I felt like I really got to know you through your photos. What a fun and inspiring idea. I loved the different lighting you used.
Jennifer Larsen(non-registered)
Wow, I love this!!!! So, so much. I love the idea of documenting life, and this is such a sweet window into this time for your family. So sweet - I totally want to try this! :)
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